Privacy Policy

Any data collected through our website, or otherwise, will be handled in accordance with the following privacy principles:

Rule 1: Your Information is Secure

All the information we gather from the web site and personal information that we collect about you is considered confidential. We have implemented industry standard security mechanisms to protect this information from loss, misuse and unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration and destruction.

Rule 2: Limited Access to your Information

ClicknPay will not divulge the information we collect to any third parties.

Rule 3: Use of Cookies and other Data Collection Methods

ClicknPay does not make use of Cookies or other below the line methods of data collection.

Rule 4: Personal Information

When you complete a contact list page, we will ask you for your name, e-mail address and perhaps telephone number. This will be used to make contact with you from time-to-time.

Such contacts will be to gather additional information, for the successful processing of an order, request or otherwise; to determine if you are satisfied with our service; inform you of upgrades and new developments; ask you for your opinion; and to report your status, as a customer.

Rule 5: Access to Personal Information Stored at ClicknPay

Customers have access to personal information about them that ClicknPay holds in the internet database. ClicknPay may store information about customers in other databases for secondary purposes such as backup. For more information about changing the information in these databases please contact us.

Rule 6: Opting Out

Individuals may opt-out of receiving future marketing e-mailings from ClicknPay. To remove your name from our e-mail list, simply use the unsubscribe link provided in every email, otherwise send us an unsubscribe request, and we will immediately oblige.

Rule 7: Changes to Our Privacy Policy

If ClicknPay intends making any material changes to the way we use your personally identifiable information, we will notify you by e-mail first to receive your consent.

For More Information

If you have any questions or comments about this policy you may contact us directly